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Training for racing drivers and gentleman drivers

Support from high-level drivers

Whatever your objectives, 321 Perform assesses all of your parameters to establish an accurate profile. A personalised and adapted support plan will then follow, meeting the objectives set. We have more than 3,000 tests available to test you on the physical, sensory, cognitive, mental, health, physiological, nutritional, vision, emotional management levels…many parameters make our method so rich.

This method therefore allows us to:

  • Customise the set-up of a complete training programme

  • Ensure monitoring during the race with or without our Race Centre

  • Establish real detection hubs (Rising Stars, Dakar, etc.)

This applies to motorsport, as well as to all other sports of course.

Our support solutions


In short

Test stage

It all begins with a comprehensive assessment


There are usually 3 days of testing during which work begins in parallel. The centre is equipped with innovative, high-tech equipment to test all the driver’s physical, mental and cognitive characteristics. A real skills assessment is carried out: physical characteristics, management of emotions, concentration, fighting spirit, resistance to stress, feeling grip, speed of analysis, visual qualities…. over 3,000 tests associated with driving

Physical and mental coaching

Set up a training plan adapted to the objectives


To follow up on the tests, we offer you a personalised programme, which includes both courses at the 321 Perform Centre and training at home. These training sessions are adapted to your strengths and weaknesses, but also to the requirements of your category. The objectives will therefore vary as your season progresses. During a course, coaches and control screens are constantly present to correct, stimulate or measure progress in the defined areas.

Health monitoring

  • Offer health, rehabilitation and well-being monitoring
  • Optimise recovery, fitness
  • Appropriate and innovative treatments

Being in top form involves an overall balance. Health issues and injuries can slow down an athlete’s development. Medical monitoring and check-ups, osteopathic care, physiotherapists, nutrition courses, mental and psychological follow-up… a whole team can be made available for you. We work with various partners to optimise the speed of progress as much as possible. We significantly improve recovery times by offering adapted treatments.

for the team

  • We’ve coached Sauber F1, Cool Racing and Tech-One

  • Physical preparation by position to optimise pit stop performance

  • Management of pressure

  • Cohesion of team building

  • People training

  • Communication


Team-specific solutions for :







Of course, our training courses are adapted to the issues and requests of the team. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

race monitoring

Complete support for races, so that you only have the driving to manage.

The latest driver performance adjustments directly on the track. Mental work, nutrition, care… with or without our 321 Race Centre.


The latest driver performance adjustments directly on the track. Supervised by a coach with a specific skill, preparing the physical, the mental, optimising nutrition, medical follow-up, physio-therapeutic follow-up, recovery, logistics… everything to facilitate and optimise your skills at the performance endpoint. The whole team is at your service.

the race center

The patented 321 Race Centre laboratory is unique in the world. A mobile medical unit is provided in the field


This patented trailer has been designed to meet as many needs as possible. A real medical unit with physical and mental preparation space, a laboratory and comfortable accommodation that can be rented together with the services of the team. It has taken part in several 24H du Mans, has been present at entire championships, has served as a laboratory for detection hubs. Exceptional added value on the ground.


“I first came to 321 Perform when I was 12, and I immediately took a big step forward in terms of discovering my weak points, both mental and physical. In addition, daily and supervised monitoring is essential to reach the highest level. I’ve been coming here for 6 years now! It’s the only centre of this quality !”

Hadrien DAVID - single seater

“I’ve been coming to 321 Perform for a year now and I’ve really felt some very positive psychological and physical changes. I feel calmer and manage to stay much more focused during my races. I hope to be able to keep working with this superb team for a long time!”

Pierre-Louis LOUBET - RALLY

“Annecy + Xavier + Camille + Super reactive coaches = a place where I’m ready to live. I’m glad I found out about 321 Perform. I hope that the centre goes from strength to strength and produces some future world champions. From Russia with love”

Nikolay Gryazin - Rally

 “It’s such an honour to train here and work with you all! I’m so grateful for the opportunity, and have learned so much, progressed so far in the few years we’ve worked together. I’m so grateful for the many friendships as well! I’m very thankful! Your American rally driver. Sean”

Sean Johnston - Rally

Since I first started out in motorsport, I have benefited from the very advanced and scientific monitoring at 3.2.1 Perform. Like the development of my racing car, it’s a strategy for success that must leave nothing to chance. Developing strengths, working on weaknesses and sharpening the skills required of a champion racing driver are the basis of the programme. The challenge lies in optimising the quality and reliability of you driving and scheduling your peaks in form for important race dates.

Sébastien Ogier - Rally