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Our coaching solutions

3.2.1. Perform is an international centre for the development of performance and human expertise. Specialising in motorsport, the centre has deployed its expertise for all types of athletes and individuals, as well as for companies. We work on all human characteristics and we can adapt our support to your requests: performance in high-level sport, well-being and health, weight loss but also all business needs.


Seminars and Team Building

Success is in the planning ! Coaching and personal development are essential for increasing a company’s performance. Assessment, objectives, strategies, pace of life and pressure, the status of a decision-maker is no different from that of a champion in training, the optimisation process should be identical !


  • Identifying and optimising potential
  • Raising individual and collective awareness
  • Defining the synergy of a team and optimising it
  • Health within the company (management of stress, emotions, prevention of burn-out)
  • Building and boosting cohesion

The method

Our courses include: lectures, theatrical scenarios, analysis laboratories and fun outdoor activities.

Scientific tools and innovative machines are part of our test and development materials. We evaluate brain functions, such as:

  • Ability to work under stress
  • Decision-making in emergencies
  • Responsiveness, memory and so many more…

Coaching solutions for private individuals

The centre is equipped with multiple technologies to adapt to all types of objectives. The journey of each human being can be embellished with the need to perform on all levels: physical, mental, cognitive, etc. When poor health is a limiting factor, we can also help you improve it. Whether for post-traumatic rehabilitation or support to aim for a better quality of life, our expertise is there to help you optimise your potential. Everything is customised and adapted to your request.



Aiming for the performance levels of top athletes is at the heart of our centre. Whatever your sport and level, you’ll find unique methods to help you perform in ways you might not have even considered.



The centre has recently been fitted out with advanced technologies to improve quality of life, optimise weight loss and target anti-ageing. Thanks to our comprehensive assessments, we can map your state of health. This is followed by a comprehensive programme, which includes:

  • Physical training
  • Nutritional support
  • Cognitive and mental work and anti-stress management (a source of health issues and weight gain)
  • Cellu M6 (LPG) and cryolipolysis (Corpoderm) to drain, smooth, clear and help with fat loss
  • Fun activities focused on well-being (massage, treatments, hikes, cross-country skiing, boat trips… everything can be customised)
  • A full assessment at the end of the course and long-term support solutions


We can provide you with a full medical and paramedical team to speed up your recovery after an injury or other health problems. Limitless physiotherapy care, technologies to improve healing, consolidation and recovery, adapted work solutions, mental support. Get back to full fitness (or even fitter) as soon as possible.