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They’re talking about us


15 - 04 - 2022 | News, Other news

Last week, we were fortunate enough to be able to welcome great champions like Sébastien OGIER and Esteban OCON, but also some future great champions (we hope!), who are training very hard at the 321 Perform Centre, for their physical and mental preparation, in order to be at their best on the racing track.

For several years, the reputation of our 3.2.1. Centre Perform Centre continues to develop thanks to its expertise and performance, but also thanks to the people who talk about us.

And, as you can see in this article, the 3.2.1. Centre Perform Centre has been featured on several major TV platforms such as: Netflix, Canal + and YouTube.

Feel free to click on the links to discover or rediscover us.

In the photo you can see:

– Sébastien OGIER, 8 times World Rally Champion who is doing endurance training with us;

– Esteban OCON, our official Alpine F1 driver;

– Jean Baptiste FRANCESCHI is training for the World Rally Championship;

– Hadrien DAVID, second in F3 Freca 2021 and officially an F1 Alpine driver for the 2022 F3 season;

– Lorenzo FLUXA, a team mate of Hadrien David, who is preparing for the Freca with 321 Perform;

– Nikolay GRYAZIN, Official Skoda WRC2 World Championship;

– Hugo Jalade, our sports student who trains daily with all these champions for his karting season;

– And part of the 321 Perform team with Georges CAPELLINE and Jesus LANDETE, the coaches and Xavier Feuillée, the Director of the Centre.